What is Namastoke?

Hello friends,

My name is Lee McCormack. I’m just like you. When I say that, I mean I too, am a slice of infinite perfection here on Earth to explore, experience and grow — in a perfectly, imperfect way.

As part of my path, I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping people live their most joyful lives using mountain bikes as the vehicle.

I began by focusing on the mechanics of great riding. That led me to mental and emotional forces then finally to the spirituality of great riding.

And you know what? Everything that makes you a happier and more successful bike rider makes you a happier and more successful human being (or parent or musician or whatever your thing is). It become clear that the bike is just a vehicle. My real work is to show people how freaking awesome they are and give them the tools to fully express that.

We begin every mountain bike class with a review of the Joyride rules:

1. If you see something you like, say something. Especially if it’s you doing the cool thing. Be positive and specific. “Lee, I love how you pressed into your pedals in that corner.” “Dude, I’m getting really good at this!”

2. All compliments must be fully accepted. Deflection is not allowed. “Thank you” works just fine. If you want to reciprocate, great, but it’s not necessary. No more of this “I’m basically a piece of shit, so I’m going to refute your kind words.”

3. No self deprecation is allowed. This is the hardest rule. Would you be friends with someone who talks to you the way your inner critic does? I sure hope not! Be your own best friend!

4. Bonus: Since many of us say bad things about ourselves before other people can say those things to us, we challenge you to compliment yourself before other people can compliment you. See Rule #1.

When a group of people embraces these rules, everyone has more fun, feels better about themselves, rides better and just plain loves the experience. People carry the spirit of Joyride into their off-bike lives — and they become pebbles of joy splashing into the pond of life. They send ripples everywhere, and they raise the level for everyone. It can be as simple as greeting your partner with a smile and an open ear. All that person needs is your presence and acceptance.

One day at the end of a mountain bike video shoot, I looked at the camera with a heart full of love and hope and a sense of connection with everyone. From my mouth came the word “namastoke.”

• Nama as in namaste. “To see and honor someone.”

• Stoke as in stoke. “To be enthused.”

Namastoke. To me it means:

• To see and accept everyone, including yourself

• To joyfully support others

What a simple and beautiful concept. Quickly namastoke became the language of our mountain bike community, and it’s already spreading to the greater world.

Namastoke is a movement. It’s a movement away from self loathing, other loathing, separation, competition, scarcity and every zero sum game. Namastoke embraces us as the bright lights we are. It accepts us with all our strengths and weaknesses. It is a simple way to love self, love others, unite, collaborate, create abundance and make everything an infinite sum game.

When we live the spirit of namastoke, we all win.

I encourage you to join — no, lead — this revolution. If you see messages on this site that resonate with you, please wear and share them. See the light in someone’s eyes. Feel the joy in your heart.

Namastoke my friends,